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Welcome to Ocalicos Persians!


Ocalicos specializes in Persian high white bi-colors, calicos and an occasional solid color. A bi-color persian is  predominantly  white with “other” colors; red, cream, black, blue on parts of the body. A calico cat is a white cat with patches of red and black or dilute colors of cream and blue.


Ocalicos Persians cattery registered with the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) in 1992.  After five years of studying championship pedigree bloodlines, attending many CFA cat shows and seeking advice and guidance from established breeders, we granded our first cat in 1997. We exhibit exclusively in CFA mostly within the CFA Southern Region.  We have held the CFA Cattery of excellence for many years.


Our cattery is located in Ocala in the warm and sunny climate of upper North Central Florida. We are 90 miles north of Orlando with shipping nationally and internationally from Orlando International Airport (MCO). We ship via air cargo and personal pet transport agents. Shipping prices vary depending on destination.


To offer our cats the utmost care, we have converted our home attached two car garage into a large cattery. Here our cats enjoy spacious, temperature controlled living quarters with emphasis on personal attention, sanitation and good health practice.   We feed Royal Canin dry foods (Persian & Kitten) along with lean, raw beef formulas for queens and kittens.


The focus of our breeding program is to produce persians as close to the CFA breed standard as possible. Please examine our pedigrees.  We have chosen winning bloodlines with sweet expressions and loving personalities as our foundation cats. We occasionally have pet kittens available but breed mostly for CFA show quality.


We invite you to browse our website viewing the For Sale pages where we have listed cats and kittens presently available. Inquiries are welcome and we will gladly put you on our waiting list for future litters if we don’t list what you are interested in at this time. You will also find Our Males and Our Females pages which picture all our breeding cats with their pedigrees. Our breeding cats are not for sale nor do we offer any outside stud services.  The Our Grands pages list photos and dates of all Ocalicos homebred CFA Grand Champions over the years.  You may additionally be interested in our Grooming Page which gives you some input on our grooming practices.


We hope you enjoy visiting the Ocalicos website, and thank you for your interest!



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