Cats for sale


Our price ranges are as follows:


Pet Quality Kittens

All our pet quality kittens are sold with a neuter/spay agreement. That is, the buyer must neuter or spay the kitten within a certain amount of time. There are no breeder rights on our pet quality kittens. Our pet quality kittens are priced average $600.


Breeder/Show Kittens

Our breeder/show kittens are sold with superb pedigrees to have the potential to reproduce excellent show quality offspring. With proper grooming they could be exhibited at any sanctioned cat show. Our breeder/show kittens are priced between $1,000 to $1,800.


Show Kittens

Our show kittens are also sold with superb pedigrees and the potential to reproduce top show quality persians. With proper grooming and care, our show kittens could be exhibited at any sanctioned cat show with the possibility of becoming a grand champion or better. No one can "guarantee" a grand champion ... but a grand champion kitten we sell shows that potential! Our show kittens are priced $1,900 and up.





Dilute Calico Female
Born: May 1, 2014
We have decided to place Jolene in a pet home since since she is so closely related to other persians in our cattery for breeding. She was spayed/altered on 27 November 2017 and should be ready for a new forever PET home on or around December 25. Jolene is a healthy persian with a sweet loving personality. She is easy to care for and eats only dry food, drinks water from a bowl, and has no bad habits. She loves to play with toys but would prefer to be a lap cat or bed buddy!

Copper Eyed White Female
Born: 30 September 2017
Sire: Stunning Eye King of Swans
Dam: GC Ocalicos Gracie Mae
Selling as a pet or breeder. Angel has a sweet, loving personality and is looking for a forever home!