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GC RW Brannaway Hansen of Ocalicos DM

Brown Mac Tabby & White Van Male
Born: 9/29/2002
Sadly died 6/16/2016 after battle with cancer. "RIP our dear boy. Ocalicos will be forever grateful for your legacy".
Sire: GC BW NW Wishstar Triumph, DM
Dam: GC RW Brannaway Aurora, DM


Hansen was a one show grand at 8 months and 9th best cat in the CFA Southern Region 2003/2004 season. We are forever grateful to breeder Anna Sadler for this magnificent boy!

Hansen is the sire of:
GC RW Ocalicos Waltzing Mattilda of Dark Diamond DM
GC RW Ocalicos Snickers
GC RW Ocalicos Shyann
GC Ocalicos Nicolette of Jonti
GC RW Ocalicos Lydia Ann
GC Ocalicos Truffles
GP Ocalicos Kobe
GC RW Ocalicos Zoe
GC Ocalicos Fancy That
GC Ocalicos Troubadour
GC Ocalicos Tyra of Krungsiam
GC Ocalicos Barrique
GC Ocalicos Gracie Mae
GC, DW Ocalicos Maeven of Grande Starz
GC Ocalicos El Capitan


Stunning Eye King-of-Swans
Copper Eyed White Male
Born: April 7, 2011
Sire: Panda White Joker
Dam: Catherina Stunning

Stunning Eye King-of-Swans aka "Damon" came to Ocalicos in May 2013 from our good friend Hedwig Peplar / Sha-Sume Cattery in South Africa. "Damon" is a SACC Grand Champion with a superb European/American pedigree. He has sired many show cats for Sha-Sume and we are pleased to have him now in our breeding program. We are proud to announce Damon is the sire of the SACC Kitten of The Year 2013, "Sha Sume Fire & Ice", an odd-eyed solid white male.


Stunning Eye KIng-of-Swans is the sire of:
GC Ocalicos Odin of Grande Starz
GC Ocalicos Zeiss
GC Ocalicos Jolene

GC Ocalicos El Capitan
Brown Mac Tabby & White Van Male
Born: May 1, 2015
Sire: GC, RW Brannaway Hansen of Ocalicos DM
Dam: GC Ocalicos Jolene


El Capitan is the 15th CFA Grand Champion for his sire giving Hansen the coveted CFA Distinguished Merit title. Considering Hansen's age, we have decided to keep his son, El Capitan in our breeding program for awhile to keep the line active.